Meet Sensei Sam

August 3, 2023

Meet the driving force behind Maitland Martial Arts Academy, Sensei Sam! With 29 years of experience, Sensei Sam is a true martial arts expert.

Sensei Sam creates a positive and supportive environment, encouraging students to push their boundaries, set ambitious goals, and achieve greatness.

Let's find out a little about her

When did you start training & why?

I started training when I was 12 years old. My dad just asked me if it was something I wanted to try with him and I immediately loved it.

What grade are you?

I am a 3rd Dan Black belt in KenSei Shoto-Ryu, a 2nd Dan in Shotokan and a 1st Dan in KenSeiKan Karate

What's your favourite thing about instructing?

I love all the new people I get to meet. I also love that I teach not only martial arts but also character development, self confidence and resilience and seeing the positive changes in my students.

What's your favourite technique?

Gyaku-tsuki (reverse punch).

Why should people train at MMAA?

They should train with us because you will feel welcome and accepted and karate will change your life. We accept anyone from any background and have an amazing and beautiful community. You will make life long friends and the journey is incredible!

You can be
Strong. Confident. Unstoppable.